Ph.D., Thabiso Mabote

Thabiso Mabote Thabiso Mabote is a Ph.D. student in electrical and computer engineering at OSU. He received his B.A in physics and computer science from St. Olaf College in Spring 2020. With a desire to contribute to the sustainable and efficient production of electricity in low income countries, Thabiso’s research interests include power systems, electronics and control systems. In his spare time, he likes playing soccer, watching soccer, and hanging out with friends.

Ph.D., Alexander Barajas-Ritchie

Alexander Barajas-Ritchie Alexander Barajas-Ritchie is a Computer Science Ph.D. student at Oregon State University with a passion for environmental data science, sustainability, power systems, and remote sensing. He earned his B.S. in Computer Science with distinction from Sonoma State in the spring of 2021 and has been pursuing his doctoral degree ever since. Alex aspires to use his research to advocate for and empower underrepresented communities. When he’s not working on his research, you can find Alex rock climbing, listening to his favorite records, and spending time with friends.

Ph.D., Abiodun Oseni

Abiodun Oseni I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria in 2018 and since then worked in the solar renewable industry where I was involved in rooftop installations and rural electrification design and installation of microgrids using Solar and BESS technologies. I am passionate about providing energy access to low income and rural environments through development of sustainable power systems. My research interests include power grid optimization, integration of renewable energy, microgrids design and application of data science tools in power systems. LinkedIn

Ph.D., Kalpani Wijesooriya

Kalpani Wijesooriya I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 2017. Since then I worked as a Building Management Systems Engineer for two years and then as a junior lecturer in University of Moratuwa. My research focuses are power system protection and application of Machine learning to power systems. During my free time I would love to spend time with my family ,travel and read books.

M.S., Harshali Bhonslay

Harshali Bhonslay Harshali Bhonslay will begin pursuing her Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oregon State in Fall of 2021. She graduated with a B.E. in Electrical Engineering from Mumbai University in 2017. Since then she has worked for Renewable Energy Startups in India. This included working on commercial rooftop solar systems and projects related to Battery Energy Storage System. Harshali has keen interest in sustainable power systems for all through integration of renewables, microgrids and battery energy storage. She is a trained yoga instructor and chess enthusiast.

B.S., Aaron Vuong

Aaron Vuong Aaron Vuong Hi everyone, my name is Aaron Vuong, and I am a first-year Computer Science major at Oregon State University. I plan on having a concentration in Artificial Intelligence. I have a passion for environmental and social justice, and I would love to incorporate my passion into my major for future projects.

Graduated Students

  • Michael Boller, Ph.D.
  • Travis Hagan, Ph.D.
  • Falah Alanazi, Ph.D.
  • Phylicia Cicilio, Ph.D.
  • Adam Mate, Ph.D.
  • Ben McCamish, Ph.D.
  • Brandon Johnson, Ph.D.
  • Chen Huo, Ph.D.
  • Jiajia Song, Ph.D.
  • Zachery McLaughlin, M.S.
  • Riley Weinmann, M.S.
  • Austin Lassetter, M.S.
  • Kyle Gulan, M.S.
  • Keaton Dieter, M.S.
  • Carter Lassetter, M.S.
  • Rich Meier, M.S.
  • Salman Safdar, M.S.
  • Lesly Rojas, B.S.
  • Conor Hennessy, Honors B.S.
  • Daniel Duncan, Honors B.S.