Resilience in an Evolving Electrical Grid

Published in Energies, 2021

Recommended citation: Cicilio P, Glennon D, Mate A, Barnes A, Chalishazar V, Cotilla-Sanchez E, Vaagensmith B, Gentle J, Rieger C, Wies R, Kapourchali MH. "Resilience in an Evolving Electrical Grid" Energies. In press (2021)

Fundamental shifts in the structure and generation profile of electrical grids are occurring amidst increased demand for resilience. These two simultaneous trends create the need for new planning and operational practices for modern grids that account for the compounding uncertainties inherent in both resilience assessment and increasing contribution of variable inverter-based renewable energy sources. This work reviews the research work addressing the changing generation profile, state-of-the-art practices to address resilience, and research works at the intersection of these two topics in regards to electrical grids. The contribution of this work is to highlight the ongoing research in power system resilience and integration of variable inverter-based renewable energy sources in electrical grids, and to identify areas of current and further study at this intersection. Areas of research identified at this intersection include cyber-physical analysis of solar, wind, and DERs, microgrids, network evolution and observability, substation automation and self-healing, and probabilistic planning and operation methods.

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