A backend framework for the efficient management of power system measurements

Published in Electric Power Systems Research, 2016

Recommended citation: McCamish B, Meier R, Landford J, Bass RB, Chiu D, Cotilla-Sanchez E. "A backend framework for the efficient management of power system measurements." Electric Power Systems Research. 140:797-805 (2016) https://doi.org/10.1016/j.epsr.2016.05.003

Increased adoption and deployment of phasor measurement units (PMU) has provided valuable fine-grained data over the grid. Analysis over these data can provide insight into the health of the grid, thereby improving control over operations. Realizing this data-driven control, however, requires validating, processing and storing massive amounts of PMU data. This paper describes a PMU data management system that supports input from multiple PMU data streams, features an event-detection algorithm, and provides an efficient method for retrieving archival data. The event-detection algorithm rapidly correlates multiple PMU data streams, providing details on events occurring within the power system. The event-detection algorithm feeds into a visualization component, allowing operators to recognize events as they occur. The indexing and data retrieval mechanism facilitates fast access to archived PMU data. Using this method, we achieved over 30× speedup for queries with high selectivity. With the development of these two components, we have developed a system that allows efficient analysis of multiple time-aligned PMU data streams.

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