Benchmarking and validation of cascading failure analysis tools

Published in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2016

Recommended citation: Bialek B, Ciapessoni E, Cirio D, Cotilla-Sanchez E, Dent C, Dobson I, Henneaux P, Hines P, Jardim J, Miller S, Panteli M, Papic M, Pitto A, Quiros-Tortos J, Wu D. "Benchmarking and validation of cascading failure analysis tools." IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. 31(6):4887-4900 (2016)

Cascading failure in electric power systems is a complicated problem for which a variety of models, software tools, and analytical tools have been proposed but are difficult to verify. Benchmarking and validation are necessary to understand how closely a particular modeling method corresponds to reality, what engineering conclusions may be drawn from a particular tool, and what improvements need to be made to the tool in order to reach valid conclusions. The community needs to develop the test cases tailored to cascading that are central to practical benchmarking and validation. In this paper, the IEEE PES working group on cascading failure reviews and synthesizes how benchmarking and validation can be done for cascading failure analysis, summarizes and reviews the cascading test cases that are available to the international community, and makes recommendations for improving the state of the art.

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